Highlights : Preparation of Report on fitting the Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS) into the federal Structure of Nepal सम्बन्धी पूर्ण प्रस्ताव पेश गर्ने सम्बन्धी सूचना   |   " Farmer Classification and Security Scheme" सम्बन्धी प्रस्ताव आव्हान रद्ध गरिएको सूचना   |   बाली तथा पशुपंक्षी बीमाको जिल्ला अनुसार बीमक तथा सम्पर्क व्यक्ति सम्बन्धी सूचना   |   Request for proposals for Selection of Consulting Services on "Farmer Classification and Security Scheme"  |   Notice for Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Consulting Services on Preparation of Human Resource Development Plan  |  

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Yogendra Kumar Karki 

Joint Secretary

Planning Division

Telephone No : 01-4211665

E-mail : ykkarkee@hotmail.com

Information Officer


Tika Ram Sharma

Senior Agriculture Economist

Human Resource Development Section 

Contact No : 9841215339

Email : trsharma@moad.gov.np

Welcome to Ministry of Agricultural Development

Welcome to the official webpage of the Ministry of Agricultural Development, Nepal. Agriculture is the major sector of Nepalese economy. It provides employment opportunities to 66 percent of the total population and contributes about 33 percent in the GDP. Therefore, the development of agriculture sector is key for the development of national economy. The ministry bears overall responsibility for the growth and development of agriculture sector.


Hon. Gauri Shankar Chaudhary  


Hon. Radhika Tamang 

State Minister 

Dr. Suroj Pokhrel